Core Values

People First

  • Our people are our only assets.
  • We grow talent, work inclusively with humility, continuously learn from our experience and past.
  • We empower our people.
  • We enable high performance, recognize and reward only performance.
  • We are merit driven, fair, supportive, respect each other, believe in equal opportunity.
  • We give responsibility and demand accountability.
  • We work in teams and take complete ownership of our doings. Team spirit is critical to us.
  • How can I help others ? Is our Team motto.
  • We foster spirit of belongingness. We are a great place to work.


  • Where customers feel at home, build long term relationship – ‘Ghar Ki Baat’.
  • We hand hold customers over the entire relationship.
  • We have a deep understanding of the real estate developers expectations – and give solutions.
  • Our business partners are our customers too.
  • We safeguard customers’ interest, give responsible advice.
  • We passionately create magic for external and internal customers. We exceed expectations.
  • We are empathetic and pro-active, We deliver” Atithi Deva Bhava”.
  • We invert the pyramid and serve the front line.
  • Our satisfied customers are our brand ambassadors.

Ethical Standards

  • We make no compromise in our professional ethics – ‘We do the right things, We do things right.
  • We are transparent and compliant with the law of the land.
  • We encourage and respond to open communication.
  • We are conservative and take prudent business risk.
  • We are fearless. We raise timely alarm.
  • We manage meaningful, relevant and engaging CSR.
  • We contribute to nation’s well-being.