Benefits of Home Loans for Government Employees

As far as Home Loans are concerned, government employees enjoy easier access and special privileges than others. A stable job with a regular salary makes them low-risk borrowers for loan companies. It encourages many housing finance companies to offer them lucrative loan deals with low-interest rates and favorable terms and conditions. Special benefits and easier accessibility make Home Loans a better and cheaper funding option for government employees. Here are...

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What is Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio & Its Importance in Home Loan

Most prospective homebuyers will eventually fund their purchase with some housing finance. Apart from providing financial support, getting a loan also has several benefits, like tax exemptions, savings kept intact, and improved credit scores. However, financial institutions can fund up to 90% of the property’s cost, and the borrower must pay the remaining amount as a down payment. The percentage of the home’s price that the lending institution funds is...

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How To Get A Home Loan Approved Instantly?

Having your own home is one of the most significant moments in a person’s life. Across the world, most aspiring homeowners do take home loans for financing their Homes. Institutions like PNB Housing provide quick & hassle-free Home Loans to eligible borrowers. If you’re looking for some financial assistance to buy a home without hassle, there are a few things you can sort out on your end and get your...

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What is Section 24 of the Income Tax Act? Everything You Need to Know

Buying a new home brings abundant joy, comfort, and security to most home buyers. Have you taken out a loan to finance your house as well? If yes, you will be happy to know your Home Loan also comes with many tax rebates. Section 24 of the Income Tax Act offers tax breaks to those who buy a house. These tax rebates are the government’s way of encouraging buyers to...

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CERSAI Charges on Home Loan – Everything You Should Know

Summary: CERSAI charges ensure that applicants are not applying for several loans to get the same property. Read on to learn everything about CERSAI before applying for a home loan! Purchasing a house is a major investment that requires a significant amount of money. Most aspiring homeowners don’t have all the required capital from the get-go, and that is why many people opt for Home Loans to realize their aspirations...

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Tax Benefits On Second Home Loan – How to Claim Them?

Home Loans have a lot of attractive features- Home loan interest rates are usually lower, the eligibility criteria fairly relaxed, and the documents required for home loans are minimal than a personal loan or business loan. Borrowers can get up to 90% of the house’s construction or purchase value as a loan. The best part? You can apply for a tax rebate on Home Loan repayment.  That is why people...

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Home Loan Insurance: Why Buying Insurance Along with your Home Loan is a Good Idea?

Home Loan Insurance

Summary: Home Loan Insurance secures borrowers who take Home Loans. Understand what it is and why so many people take it. Buying a home is a dream come true for many people. It is both an emotional and a financial milestone.  If you have a large home loan and are concerned about who will repay it in the event of an unexpected event, it is time to learn more about...

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Planning For a Rs 20 Lakh Home Loan? Check Your EMI Here!

EMI for 20 Lakhs Home loan

Summary: Are you planning to take a 20 Lakh Home Loan? Read on for a complete guide on EMI calculation, eligibility criteria, repayment tenure, features, and other information on a 20 Lakh Home Loan. Buying or building a house is a rather challenging task, with many things needing to be factored in, some of them well in advance. The financial considerations required for building or buying a house are enormous,...

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What are Joint Home Loans? Eligibility and Documents Required for Loan Approval

What are Joint Home Loans

Summary: Joint Home Loans are a great way of getting the desired loan amount to build your home. Check out the article to learn about Joint Home Loans, their benefits, eligibility criteria, and documents required for application.    Buying a home or constructing it from scratch requires massive investment, and a lack of proper financial planning can squeeze out all your savings. In order to fulfill your dreams of owning...

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What is Part payment in Home Loan? Know the Uses and Benefits

Part payment in Home Loan

Summary: Part-payment of a Home Loan means repaying a portion of the loan before its tenure is over. Read on to know its uses and benefits. A part-payment on Home Loan means paying back a considerable portion of the Home Loan amount before the completion of its tenure. For instance, you have taken a home loan for Rs 20 lakh and are supposed to repay it over 30 years (the...

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