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Manager-Information Technology

Position title : Manager-Information Technology
Function : Information Technology
Grade : Junior Manager/Assistant Manager-I
Location : Noida
Qualification: Any IT graduate
Experience: 2-4 yrs
  • Infrastructure uptime and availability of North branches
  1. Backend Support from Vendor and Central IT Team and enforcing SLA from Vendor/   Service Provider.
  2. Maintaining uptime for Servers & Network.
  3. Maintaining UPS uptime. Providing IT Support to all North Zone Branches
  • IT Infra and Application rollout for new branch / Renovation
  1. Quality and Timely completion of IT Infra of New Branch
  • CBS (infra) :
  1. Transactional Email Integration with CBS.
  2. End User Rollout – User Training Setup, Systems Configuration.
  3. DMS Application Testing

This involves the following:

  1. Vendor Selection, Contract Closure, Execution of contract, Implementation and coordination with vendor for integration of Transactional Emails, Technical Testing of Transactional Email Solution.
  2. DMS Application Testing and sharing of reports for each testing.
  3. End user systems configuration and training them for using new gadgets (Scanner & Printers) and applications.
  • Process New Projects
  1. Requirement Understanding and Knowledge Gathering
  2. Planning
  3. Implementation and completion of project and making it live.
  • Process – Existing application Enhancements/ IT Infrastructure upgrade/enhancement
  • Backups
  1. Business Critical Data Backup – Branch Servers
  2. Resigned User Backup.
  3. Users’ Critical Data backup.
  • Learning & Development
  1. DMS Application Training.
  2. Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Training
  3. Video Conferencing on Cloud.
  4. EMC Storage Operational Training and sharing knowledge with IT Team.
  5. Imparting knowledge to new joining in IT Dept.
  • Communication skills
  • Team player
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