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Reward for Fixed deposit referral :-

When your referred customer invests in fixed deposit from PNB Housing, you (existing customer) become eligible for reward as per the grid mentioned below.

Deposit amount availed by referral Reward Amount – Gift voucher
Up to ₹5,00,000/-
(Referral scheme is applicable on minimum fixed deposit amount of ₹1,00,000/-)
₹200/- Movie Voucher
(For every ₹1,00,000/-)
> ₹5,00,000/- Gift Voucher worth 0.15% of fixed deposit amount
(Subject to maximum value of Gift voucher – ₹15,000/-)

For Example :-

  • For a fixed deposit worth ₹ 4,00,000/- with PNB Housing, you will receive a movie voucher worth ₹800 (₹200*4 as ₹200/- movie voucher for every lakh)
  • For a fixed deposit referral worth ₹50 lakhs, you will receive a gift voucher worth ₹7500/-.


Terms & Conditions

    For Fixed deposit referrals

  • This scheme is applicable for PNB Housing existing customers only.
  • The scheme would be applicable on fixed deposit amount referral of ₹1,00,000/- & above.
  • Referral has to book fixed deposit within 15 days from the date of referral received from the existing customer, else offer shall stand cancelled.
  • Gift Voucher/Movie Vouchers would be based on fixed deposit amount availed by the referral.
  • Gift Voucher/Movie Vouchers shall be released within 60 days of fixed deposit booked by the referral.
  • If the same customer is referred by more than one referral or PNB Housing associate/connector, the first one to make the referral will be entitled for incentive. In the vent of dispute, PNB Housing shall reserve the right to decide.
  • Application under process with PNB Housing on or before the reference received from customer shall not be eligible for any benefits in this program.
  • No reward shall be applicable for referring self & immediate family members.
  • Referee fixed deposit account number is mandatory for payment for the reward.
  • The fixed deposit referral scheme is not applicable for PNB Housing, PHFL employees & their immediate family members.
  • All payments will be subject to service tax and other laws applicable at the time of making the payment & calculations.
  • PNB Housing reserves the right to withdraw the scheme at any time without any prior intimation.
  • Any disputes arising in connection to the fixed deposit referral program are subject to Delhi jurisdiction only

Terms & Conditions