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Home Loan Affordability Calculator

What affects home loan affordability?

One of the biggest accomplishments for someone is to be able to buy their own home. However, for a large chunk of working professionals, financial help in the form of a home loan is needed.

Lending institutions fund an individual for a home loan based on the income, which ultimately is the yardstick of perceived ability to pay back. Usually one is expected to pay around 20%* as own contribution (down payment) and the rest is financed by the lending institution.

Keeping these factors into perspective, we have created the Home Loan Affordability calculator which helps you gauge the value of property you can buy and your eligible home loan amount. While you calculate your home loan affordability, it’s important to know that lending institutions consider factors like relative health of one’s former income tax records, outstanding loans and payments that one owes to creditors as one of the few factors before arriving at the final eligibility.

So be vigilant & smart and get your housing dream off to a great start!

Down Payment (in INR) 1000000

Gross Monthly Income (in INR) 100000

Loan Tenure (in Years) 120 Years

ROI (annual) 8.25 %

Other Existing EMIs(in INR) 0

Eligible Loan Amount ₹

Affordable property cost ₹