Why Fixed Deposit is Good Option to Plan Your Vacation

We all have a desire to travel and explore the world in our own way, and we often tend to put it under the carpet. This is because we think our income or savings will fall short of meeting the expenses and can derail our financial well-being. However, this does not hold true, and you can easily fund your travel plans through smart and planned investments without affecting your regular...

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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Open a Fixed Deposit Account

You may be familiar with the process of opening a new FD account at your bank using your savings or current account. But, it follows a different process, when it comes to opening a new corporate fixed deposit account. At a bank branch, where you maintain your account, you just need to submit a filled-in application form and a cheque to get a new FD certificate. But, at an HFC...

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Features of Fixed Deposit: Get Maximum Returns of FD

When it comes to investing your savings, fixed deposits turn out to be a natural choice for many. For decades, it continues to be one of the preferred choices of investment and is considered a sound investment avenue. So, let us examine all the features that make it an evergreen investment option. Guaranteed Rate of Return Once the funds are invested in a fixed deposit, the depositor is assured of...

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Benefits of Fixed Deposit – Both Young and Senior Citizen

Fixed Deposits are one of the most preferred investment avenues for people of all ages especially senior citizens and parents of young children. The primary reasons being that it carries minimal risk and help in fulfilling both short and long term goals. Senior citizens, especially retired persons, can enjoy interest on their deposits on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis depending upon their requirements. FDs come with the option of...

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NRI Fixed Deposit – Things to Keep in Mind

India is among the few countries that offer high returns on financial investments in the global scenario and fixed deposit is one such instrument. With the count of non-resident Indians (NRI) soaring high with each passing day, many find it lucrative to invest their corpus back in India. Investments in fixed deposits, is usually preferred, amongst other Indian financial instruments, owing to low risk returns and as a hedge against...

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Corporate Fixed Deposits – Benefits, Taxes and Safety

Fixed deposits, more commonly known as FDs, are one of the most sought after instruments for investing money for a stipulated period in lieu offering good returns. FDs offered by corporates and housing finance companies (HFC) offer a pre-determined rate of interest and even render special schemes for some segments like senior citizens. This helps organizations to raise funds and deploy them for business intents while on the other hand,...

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7 things to know before investing in a Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposits (FDs) are the safest and most preferred investment option available to those averse to investing in risk instruments such as equity and mutual funds. FDs allow you to manage your financial risks and help fulfil your goals aspired for different stages of your life. These could involve securing your child’s future, his or her education and marriage, or as a hedge against unexpected expenses. Such deposits are also...

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Company fixed deposits – An important part of your investment portfolio

Your portfolio should contain a diversified set of investments for optimal performance. While you would have invested in shares, mutual funds, bonds and bank fixed deposits, company deposits is an investment option that you may have overlooked. Here is why you should consider company deposits as well: Diversification: Fixed and safe returns in an investment portfolio play a key role in limiting portfolio risk. When you have predictable returns, you...

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5 Things to look for in a company Fixed Deposit

Company Fixed Deposits (FDs) may offer a higher rate of return than normal bank deposits. As a part of diversification of your portfolio, it is advisable to invest in company FDs. But you have to be look for a few important things before you invest Here are 5 things that you must look for before you pick a company FD: Credit rating: A rating is assigned by a rating agency,...

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