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Residencial PLOT in Bangalore

Residencial PLOT in Bangalore

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Location : Residencial PLOT in Bangalore

Property ID : HOU/BAN/1017/444525

Property Address: ITEM NO.I: (E-CITY TOWN-PHASE-I)
All that piece and parcel of the residentially converted properties bearing Sy.No.20/l, measuring 0-33 Guntas, Sy.No.21/2 measuring 2 Acres 24 Guntas, Sy.No.22/l measuring 2 Acres 03 Guntas, Sy,No.30/ 16 measuring 4 Acres 15 Guntas, Sy.No.30/17 measuring 0-03 Guntas, Sy.No.21/3 measuring 0-20 Guntas,
Sy.No.30/15 measuring 0-20 Guntas and measuring 0-12.3 Guntas in all admeasuring 11 Acres and 10.3 Guntas, situated at Thirupalya Village, Jigani Hobli, Anekal Taluk, Bangalore District.
All that piece and parcel of the converted property bearing Sy.No.30/18 measuring 0-03 Guntas,
Sy.No.30/39 measuring 0-5.04 Guntas, Sy.No.30/41 measuring 0-05 Guntas, Sy.No.22/2 measuring I
Acre 29 Guntas, Sy.No.20/2 measuring 02 Acres 02 Guntas, Sy.No.25/3 measuring 0-07.04 Guntas, Sy.No.18/ IA measuring 0-10.12 Guntas, Sy.No.17/2 measuring 1 Acre 24 Guntas, Sy.No. 18/3 measuring 0-29.12 Guntas, Sy.No.20/3 measuring 3 Acres 12 Guntas, Sy.No.24/2 measuring 0-22 Guntas, Sy.No.24/4 measuring 1 Acre 15 Guntas, Sy.No. 16/1 measuring I Acre 04 guntas, Sy.No.21/3 measuring
70,000sq feet (1 Acre 24.27 Guntas), Sy.No. 15/4 measuring 0-15 Guntas, Sy.No. 15/7 measuring 0-06 Guntas, Sy.No. 15/9 measuring 0-01.08 Guntas, Sy.No. 18/2 measuring 0-32 Guntas, Sy.No. 16/3 measuring 0-09 Guntas, Sy.No. 16/4 measuring 0-01 Guntas, Sy.No. 16/5 measuring 0-01 Guntas, Sy.No, 16/6 measuring 0-01 Guntas and Sy.No.24/3 measuring 0-20 Guntas, situated at Thirupalya Village, Jigani Hobli, Anekal Taluk, Bangalore District.
Both the Item No-I and Il developed the Schedule ‘A’ Property herein form a composite project and the same
is bounded on the:
A 2 Bedroom residential Apartment bearing No D418 on the Fourth Floor of Block/ Wings ‘5, bearing
Khatha No. 6/572/78/ D 418 , in the residential project known as “GM Infinite E CITY TOWN PHASE 1 constructed in the Schedule ‘A’ Property and 870 Sq. Feet (which is inclusive of the flooring, ceiling and walls between the apartments and proportionate share in all common areas) with one covered Car Parking.

Auction Date and Time: Dt : 17-10-2022 , Time : 11 Am

Region : Southern

Reserve Price : Rs. 39,41,428.75

Property Type : Commercial Shop

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