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VILLA in Bangalore

VILLA in Bangalore

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Location : VILLA in Bangalore

Property ID : HOU/BAN/1115/251538

Property Address: SCHEDULE- A PROPERTY
All that piece and parcel of residential converted lands bearing various survey numbers situated at Gu nj or Village. Varthur Hobli, Bangalore East Taluk, Bangalore District duly converted by various conversion orders for residential uses and purposes as is follows: (i) Sy,No.63/1 measuring 5 Acres 3 Acres 38 guntas converted vide order: dated 09/09/2010 bearing ALN(EVH)-SR-192-2008-09, (ii) Sy.No.64
measuring 2 Acres 13 Guntas, converted vide order dated 09/09/2010 bearing ALN(EVH)-SR-192-2008-09, (iii) Sy.No.65/1 measuring 3 Acres 10 Guntas, converted vide order dated
30/09/2008 bearing ALN(EVH)-SR-604-2007-08, (iv) Sy.No.65/2
measuring 6 Acres 22 Guntas, converted vide order dated 09/09/2010 bearing ALN(EVH)-SR-192-2008-09, (v) Sy.No.66/5
measuring 0-09-6 Guntas converted vide order dated 30/09/2008
bearing ALN(EVH)-SR-612-2007-08, Total in all measuring 18 Acres 86
12.06 Guntas, Layout approved plan by the Bangalore Development
Authority vide No.BDA/TPNI/GH /1 48/2010-11/3575/2013-14 dated
31/10/2013 and construction approved plan from Bruhat Bangalore
Mahanagara Palike vide No.AD/Com/IADP/0867/13-14, dated
05/03/2014. SCHEDULE-I
Villa/Villament/ Group house hearing. Villa No. A 13, Built
up Area 2980 Sft. And Land Area 2295 sft to constructed on the portion of the Schedule-A’ property and described in the Item No.1 of the Schedule ‘B’ Property above having a super
built up area of 4980 Square feet, forming part of the project named
and styled as ” N.D.AROUND THE MANGOES” bounded. On the:
East by : Villa No. A 12
West by : Villa No. A 14
North by : ROAD
South by : PARK

Auction Date and Time: Dt : 17-10-2022 , Time : 11 Am

Region : Southern

Reserve Price : 26347343.75

Property Type : Commercial Shop

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