5 Benefits Of Taking a PNB Housing Loan Against Property for a Wedding

What is a Loan Against Property?

A Loan Against Property, also called a Mortgage Loan, is taken against the security of a property you own.

Why Should You Take LAP For a Wedding?

Planning a grand wedding requires a hefty amount that no ordinary loan can provide. Taking a Loan Against Property can help get the sum quickly.

Here is the Benefits Of Taking A PNB Housing Loan Against Property



Instant Funds Available

Get instant disbursal of the loan amount in your account with minimal documentation and a quick approval process.


 # 2

Lower Interest Rates

The interest rate for a loan against property is lower than for personal loans.


 # 3

Longer Tenure

Borrowers can get a longer repayment tenure, reducing the EMI amount and the burden on your shoulders.


# 4

Loan To Value Ratio

Avoid applying for multiple loans simultaneously to avoid hard CIBIL inquiries. When you apply for a loan, a hard inquiry is made that reduces your score.


# 5

Loan Processing

PNB Housing Loan Against Property possesses no hidden processing charges. The borrowers are informed about all the charges beforehand.