How Can I Get a Home Loan with a Low Credit Score?

Is it Possible to Get a Home Loan When I Have a Low Credit Score?

A credit score shows how capable an applicant is of repaying a loan. And Home Loans with low credit scores are possible.

4 Tips for Getting Home Loan with a Low Credit Score


Approach the Housing Finance

Talk to the housing finance company and see if you can come to a negotiation to get yourself a home loan.


Highlight your Plus Points

Not only is credit score factored into loan eligibility. You can still qualify for a home loan by showing your repayment capacity and property value.


Get a Co-applicant

While applying for a home loan, having a co-applicant enhances your loan application and helps you qualify.


Apply with One Loan Provider

Having too many loan applications might not be a good scenario for you. So avoid doing that and apply for a Home Loan with one lender at a time.