Check How Much Home Loan Can I Get on a Rs. 40,000 Salary?

Financial institutions consider your in-hand salary, excluding allowances like medical, travel etc., while approving Home Loans.

How Much Home Loan Can You Get on ₹40000 Salary?

Financial institutions can grant you a home loan that is around 60 times your salary. The exact amount would depend on the interest rate and the tenure.

Let’s See an Example

If your salary is ₹40,000 and you take a home loan at 8.5% p.a for 20 years, you will be eligible for a Home Loan worth  ₹2,304,617.

Other Factors That Affect Home Loan Eligibility

Apart from your salary, financial institutions also consider the following factors while approving a Home Loan: – Loan Tenure – Age – Credit Score – Existing Financial Obligations

How to Check Eligibility?

The easiest way to check your eligibility is by using a Home Loan eligibility calculator. It is a free online tool that will estimate the loan amount you’re eligible for and subsequent monthly EMI.

How to use the PNB Housing Home loan Eligibility Calculator?

Just enter your net monthly income, loan tenure, interest rate and other existing EMIs. You can use the slider to check how eligibility will differ based on tenure.