How to Get Quick Approval for a Home Loan?


How Much Time Does Home Loan Approval Take?

A home loan approval will take 4-5 business days for salaried applicants and 7-10 business days in case of self-employed. But this can take longer or even the application gets denied due to poor credit records, unstable income, etc.

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6 Proven Tips to Get Your Home Loan Approval Quickly

High Repayment Capacity

Your income will be used to pay off the EMIs on your Home Loan EMIs; healthy repayment capacity ensures timely repayment and easy Home Loan approval.


Default Free Credit Record

A default-free credit score will show you as a creditworthy applicant that can get easy Home Loan approvals.


Large Down Payment

Upon making a large down payment, the risk reduces on your Home Loan, and your application gets approved easily.


Borrow Jointly

A Joint Home Loan has many benefits, one of which is easy approval because the repayment liability is shared between the two.


Valid Documentation

Sometimes, a Home Loan approval takes time due to document verification inconsistencies. For easy approval, ensure you submit the right documents.


Don’t Miss Any Updates

Fulfill your preferred lender's requirements promptly and avoid delays in getting your Home Loan approved.