What is the Minimum Amount Required for Fixed Deposit?

What is a Fixed Deposit?

Fixed Deposits are a stable, safe, and simple investment plan. People of different ages can start saving money by investing in FD. Every bank or financial institution provides this facility.

Interest Rates at PNB Housing

You can earn higher interest than a regular savings account. We offer you up to 7% of interest rate per annum, and for senior citizens, an additional 0.25% is offered.

Minimum Amount Required for FD

With reputable NBFC like Pnb Housing Finance Limited, the minimum amount is 10,000. For monthly income schemes, however, the minimum amount is 25,000.

Your First Fixed Deposit

While planning for the first Fixed Deposit, an individual needs to submit 10,000 for all the schemes except for the monthly income scheme.

Together is Better

The investor can also ask for a joint FD account where three joint holders are allowed. Thus, you grow money altogether.

Start Your Journey with Us

If you, are looking to initiate your financial journey and save money for your future, investing in FD with pnb Housing Finance Limited can be a good choice.