Home Loan Processing Fees and Other Charges in 2023

Ready to buy your dream house? Before applying for a home loan, keep in mind the various related charges and processing fees that come along with a home loan.

What is Home Loan Processing Fee?

Home Loan Processing Fee is charged by lenders to cover the costs of processing a home loan application.

How Much is the Home Loan Processing Fee?

Home Loan Processing Fee is usually a percentage of the total loan amount and is paid by the borrower at the time of loan application. It is up to 1% for Home Loans from PNB Housing.

What Does the Fee Cover?

The processing fee covers expenses related to activities such as credit checks, property valuation, legal documentation, and administrative costs.

Here’s a list of other charges not covered in the Home Loan Processing fee:


Delayed payment

If a borrower misses the EMI, then this delayed payment can lead to penalty charges.



Insurance Against Property

Insurance against property is charged to safeguard against liability under unfortunate circumstances.



Prepayment Charges

Prepayment charges may be levied if the borrower decides to close the loan before its maturity.


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