Smart Tips to Increase Your Home Loan Eligibility Quickly

First, what determines your home loan eligibility?

–> Income –> Age –> Credit history –> Pre-existing debt, etc.

Home loan eligibility depends on your:

Discover What You Can Do to Enhance Your Home Loan Eligibility


Improve Your Credit Score

Boost your credit score by paying all your credit card bills and EMIs on time.

Tip  #1

Get a Co-applicant

Apply for a loan with an eligible co-borrower, as their income will also be considered while determining eligibility.

Tip  #2

Opt for a Longer Tenure

Choosing a longer loan term will increase eligibility. Remember, prepayment is always an option.

Tip  #3

Prepay Other Loans

Try closing existing short-term loans or consolidating them into one.

Tip  #4

Declare all your incomes

Mention all side incomes like part-time jobs, rents, etc to show a higher repayment capacity.

Tip  #5

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