Want to Borrow More? Choose Home Loan Top-Up

A top-up loan is an amount Home Loan borrowers can get in addition to their existing loan. You can apply for a Home Loan top-up when falling short on funds.

What is a Top-Up Loan?

6 Benefits of Home Loan Top-Up

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Pre-approved Top-Ups


Housing finance companies provide pre-approved top-ups to existing borrowers. Existing borrowers can get a pre-approved Home Loan top-up based on their good repayment history.


Minimal Documentation

Applying for top-up Home Loans requires less documentation.



Easy Disbursement


Top-up Home Loans get disbursed within two days. You don’t have to wait much longer to get your Home Loan top-up amount.


Available in Both Fixed and Flexible Interest Rates


Choose a fixed or a floating rate for your Home Loan top-up. You can choose a suitable interest rate based on your repayment planning.


Zero Processing Fee


No need to pay processing fees when applying for a top-up.


Attractive Rate of Interest


Top-up Home Loans come at an attractive rate of interest, a few points more than your existing Home Loan.


Apply for a Top-up Loan