Want to Take a Home Loan with Zero Down Payment?

What is a Zero Down Payment Loan?

The Zero Down Payment Loan means your financial institution funds the entire property without you having to pay anything upfront.


Can I get a home loan with Zero Down Payment?

No, in a Zero Down Payment Home Loan, the lender offers 90% (maximum) of the property value while the borrower pays the remaining 10% as a down payment.


5 Tips to Help you ArrangeThe Down Payment Amount


Tip #1

Use Your Investments

You can break your mutual funds, fixed deposits, etc., that are not yielding high returns to make the down payment.


Tip #2

Plan Better

Start saving and reducing extra expenses for a few months so the down payment doesn't overwhelm you.


Tip #3

Liquidate a Few Assets

Liquidating your existing property, bonds, non-physical assets, etc., might help.


Tip #4

Take the Help of Friends or Family

Consider asking friends and family for help as you won't have to pay interest or late payment fees, and you can repay them from your salary every month.


Tip #5

Take a Loan or Advance from your Company

Some employers have emergency funds for their employees. Contact your HR department for more details.

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