Setting a benchmark

Committed to create excellence
PNB Housing Finance Limited has come a long way since its inception in the year 1988. The journey of more than two decades is replete with success stories created by a committed, passionate and talented workforce of PNB Housing. Promoted by Punjab National bank, PNB housing today serves its customer though more than 60 branches spread across India. Having earned the trust of its customers and employees alike for best-in-class services and transparency in operations, PNB Housing has become a name to be reckoned with among professionals who want to reach new heights in the financial industry.

Work culture
With its people-friendly policies and an environment that encourages individual initiatives, PNB Housing is a great workplace for those who dream to go beyond the obvious. Employees are motivated to take calculated risks and be creative in pursuing their ambitions. The work culture is such that along with thorough professionalism, there is a sense of belonging too among employees. Those who prove their mettle in their chosen fields are well rewarded while those who are confident of handling extended responsibilities beyond their defined area of work are provided with the right platform to outshine the best in the world.