Current Interest Rate on Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposit interest rates will determine the fixed amount of money you will earn at the end of your FD tenure. The interest rates are affected by several factors including the type of fixed deposit scheme, the tenure of the deposit and the frequency at which the interest is earned.

PNB Housing FD interest rates are summarized below:

Rate change is effective from 17.02.2023

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates (upto ₹5 crore)
Tenure (Months) Cumulative Option* ROI (p.a.) Non-Cumulative Option ROI  (p.a.)
  ROI (p.a.) Tentative yield to maturity Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly Annual
12 – 23 7.35% 7.35% 7.11% 7.15% 7.22% 7.35%
24 – 35 7.00% 7.25% 6.79% 6.83% 6.89% 7.00%
36 – 47 7.70% 8.31% 7.44% 7.49% 7.56% 7.70%
48 – 59 7.40% 8.26% 7.16% 7.20% 7.26% 7.40%
60 -71 7.50% 8.71% 7.25% 7.29% 7.36% 7.50%
72 – 84 7.40% 8.91% 7.16% 7.20% 7.27% 7.40%
120 7.40% 10.42% 7.16% 7.20% 7.27% 7.40%

* For cumulative option, interest rate is compounded annually on March 31st

  • The yield mentioned is calculated using the first month of each tenure grid.
  • The above Rate of Interest are subject to change at the sole discretion of PNB Housing.
  • Senior citizens (above 60 years) will be eligible for 0.25% additional Rate of Interest
  • Senior citizen special rates applicable for deposits upto ₹ 1 crore.

Fixed deposit premature withdrawal & applicable Interest Rates

PNB Housing provides for the provision of premature cancellation of your Fixed deposit. There is a compulsory lock-in for 3 months, after which the fixed deposit can be withdrawn. However, the interest rate charged would be lower than the initial agreed about FD interest rate.

The interest rate for premature withdrawals, applicable:

  • Made within six months from the date of deposit, interest paid is at 4% per annum.
  • Made after six months, interest will be paid at 1% less than the FD interest rate applicable on public fixed deposit of the period for which the deposit was held.


  • Can I get monthly interest on PNB Housing Fixed Deposits?
    Yes, you can get monthly interest on a non-cumulative fixed deposit. PNB Housing offers the option of monthly, quarterly and annual payouts, allowing you to have a fixed source of income.
  • What are the benefits of PNB Housing Fixed Deposits?
    PNB Housing Fixed Deposit carries an AA/Stable rating from CRISIL. This indicates that the fixed deposits are among the safest investments you can make.
  • Why should I invest in a Fixed Deposits?
    The FD rate of interest is not affected by market conditions which means they are one of the most secure investment tools. From the beginning, you are aware of the money you will receive at the end of the tenure.
  • How many years will it take for the FD deposit amount to double?
    Let’s assume, If you are earning a post-tax interest of 8.70% per annum on your fixed deposits, the amount will double in 8.27 years. You can use the rule of 72 to estimate the time in which the FD will double. That is, time take for a fixed deposit to double is (72/post-tax FD interest rate per annum)

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