Corporate Governance


pdf_icon_tiny Code of Practice for Disclosure of Unpublished Price Sensitive Information
pdf_icon_tiny Policy for Preservation of documents
pdf_icon_tiny Fair Practice Code
pdf_icon_tiny KYC Policy and AML Standards
pdf_icon_tiny Code of Conduct for Sourcing Channel
pdf_icon_tiny CSR Policy
pdf_icon_tiny Schedule of Charges
pdf_icon_tiny Related Party Policy
pdf_icon_tiny Determination of Materiality
pdf_icon_tiny Code of Conduct for Key Management Persons
pdf_icon_tiny Code of Conduct for Non-Executive Directors
pdf_icon_tiny Whistle Blower Policy
pdf_icon_tiny Dividend Distribution Policy
pdf_icon_tiny Policy on Board Diversity
pdf_icon_tiny Policy on Archival of Web Disclosures
pdf_icon_tiny Familiarisation Programme for IDs
pdf_icon_tiny Policy to determine the Material Subsidiary