Fixed Deposit

PNB Housing provides safe investment options to various deposit schemes with attractive rate of interest. With over two decades of specialized experience in housing finance, PNB Housing has a robust network of branches spread across the country which help it customers avail financial services (loans and deposits) seamlessly.

Advantages of PNB Housing fixed deposits
  • High Safety Assurance: FAAA/Negative by CRISIL
  • No tax to be deducted at source on interest income upto Rs.5000 per financial year
  • Loan Facility up to 75% of deposit avaiable from all branches of PNB Housing
  • Encashment of cheques in respect of interest and repayment of deposits AT PAR by selected branches of PNB
  • Premature cancellation allowed after 3 months on the discretion of the company
  • Nomination facility available as per NHB guidelines

Acceptance of deposit is subject to the terms and conditions as contained in the application form.

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